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peda recipe | instant milk peda | doodh peda | milk powder peda

Peda recipe is an instant Indian traditional milk sweet, can easily made with in 15 minutes. Doodh peda is a most popular recipe with...

beetroot halwa | beetroot recipe | beetroot halwa recipe

Beetroot halwa is a simple sweet. The soft halwa melts in the mouth with crunchy nuts. To prepare beetroot halwa in easy steps. Fry the dry...

top 20 Indian dishes | Indian recipes | 20 popular Indian food recipes

Top 20 Indian dishes are the collection of healthy and most popular and easy recipes. Homemade biryani, breakfast, sweets, snacks, pickles, veg and non-veg recipes. 4 famous...

sweet samosa | sweet samosa recipe | coconut samosa | in 15 minutes

Sweet Samosa is crispy and one of the famous Indian snack. The time required for quick sweet samosa is 15 minutes in step by...
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