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6 types of roti recipes for a nutritious & delicious perfect for Ramadan Sehri, keeping both taste and weight management. Ragi roti, jowar roti, bajra roti, whole tandoori roti, leftover rice roti and liquid dough roti. The step by step procedure with a deatiled video recipe.

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6 types of unique roti recipes video:

1. Liquid dough roti:

Roti made with a watery dough, made with whole wheat flour no kneading and no rolling and is light and fluffy. Potentially easier to digest and potentially lower in calories compared to heavily kneaded rotis.

2. Ragi roti/finger millet roti:

Gluten-free flatbread made with finger millet flour, rich in fiber, calcium, and iron. High fiber keeps you feeling full for longer, promoting healthy portion control.

3. Whole wheat tandoori roti on tawa:

The flavor and texture of whole wheat tandoori roti to be richer and more satisfying than plain roti made with refined flour. Nutritional advantages like higher fiber and micronutrients, potentially contributing to better gut health, and blood sugar control.

4. Bajra Roti/Pearl Millet Roti:

Made with pearl millet flour, known for its protein, fiber, and magnesium content. Dense and slightly earthy in flavor. Protein and fiber contribute to satiety, helping you feel fuller for longer. Magnesium supports healthy blood sugar levels, crucial for weight management.

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