liquid dough roti | how to make roti recipe with liquid batter

Liquid dough roti is a quick wheat flour breakfast recipe prepared with liquid batter. No-Knead, no rolling, no maida. Serve with veg or non-veg gravies. Instant...

shahi chicken recipe | chicken curry | shahi chicken

Shahi chicken recipe is most famous and serves in many dishes. This spicy masala chicken is very delicious. I have used coconut paste, chicken...

Semiya kesari | seviyan kesari | semiya kesari recipe

Semiya kesari is a very quick dessert with simple ingredients and taste wonderful.Try Ramadan special semiya recipes. This is one of the dry semiya...

haleem | mutton keema haleem | Ramadan special

Haleem is most popular Ramadan special best iftar recipe. Serve mouthwatering smooth haleem with pure ghee, fresh coriander and mint leaves, squeezed with lemon...

Dahi Vada | Curd Vada | Perugu Garelu | avada | south indian

Dahi vada is a soft texture and mouthwatering Indian breakfast recipe. It helps in boosting energy fills the stomach and reduces overeating. Both urad dal...

Raw Tamarind Pickle |Chintakaya Pachadi

Raw Tamarind has a very important place in the Indian kitchen because of the health benefits as well as it is a treasure of...
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