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fish fry | fish fry recipe | fish fry 2019|fish recipes

Fish fry is a crispy flavorful Indian appetizer with simple ingredients. Serve fried fish as a side dish with plain rice, rasam or with...

paniyaram | appam recipe | easy snacks | punugulu with dosa batter

Paniyaram is an easy south Indian breakfast or snack recipe which is specially prepared in appam maker with the fermented dosa batter. This is also known...

bread pakora | bread snacks | bread pakora recipe | bread recipes

Bread Pakora is a quick Indian snack recipe. Plain bread pakora is easy to prepare in 5 minutes with very simple ingredients available in...

chicken fry | fried chicken | chicken recipes | roast chicken

Chicken Fry is the most popular in Indian recipes, and all-time favourite dish for almost everybody. The delicious chicken fry is easy to prepare...
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