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hot chocolate | 2 ways hot chocolate recipe | how to make hot chocolate | homemade

Hot chocolate is one of those things that cherish you forever. It’s a combination of cocoa powder and chocolate that turns this hot chocolate into delicious and extra flavorful

Course Drinks
Cuisine Indian
Keyword homemade hot chocolate, hot chocolate, hot chocolate recipe, how to make hot chocolate
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 2


Ingredients for hot chocolate

    Hot chocolate with cocoa powder ingredients:

    • milk - 250 ml
    • suar - 2 spoons
    • milk powder - 2 spoons
    • cocoa powder - 1 spoon
    • cadbury dairy milk chocolate - 24 g
    • Cream - 2 spoons
    • grated chocolate - 1 spoon
    • dairy milk shots - 4

    Hershey's hot chocolate ingredients:

    • hershey's hot chocolate powder - 3 spoons
    • hot milk - 1 cup
    • Cream - 1 spoon
    • grated dark chocolate - 1 spoon


    Procedure for hot chocolate recipe:

      Hot chocolate recipe with cocoa powder:

      1. Heat a pan over medium flame pour 250 ml of full cream milk.

      2. Add 2 spoons of sugar.

      3. Mix well until the sugar dissolves.

      4. Add 2 spoons of milk powder.

      5. Add a spoon of cocoa powder.

      6. Mix well wihtout lumps.

      7. Add 24 g Cadbury dairy milk chocolate. You can add any dark chocolate.

      8. Stir continuously until the chocolate melts.

      9. Boil it once and switch off the fire.

      10. Pour the hot chocolate in a serving cup

      11. Top with 2 spoons of cream.

      12. Sprinkle some grated chocolate.

      13. Garnish with dairy milk shots.

      14. Serve immediately and enjoy the healthy homemade hot chocolate recipe.

      Hershey’s hot chocolate recipe:

      1. Take a serving cup add 3 spoons of Hershey’s hot chocolate powder.

      2. Pour 1 cup of hot full cream milk.

      3. Mix well until it combines well.

      4. Top with cream or can skip it.

      5. Sprinkle chopped dark chocolate.

      6. Serve immediately and enjoy until the last sip.

      Recipe Notes

      1. Always prefer full cream milk for a creamy hot chocolate.
      2. For a thick hot chocolate add one more spoon of cocoa powder and adjust chocolate according to the taste.
      3. Instead of milk powder, you can also add cream.
      4. For these ingredients can make one cup of hot chocolate.
      5. You can garnish with chocolate chips or dairy milk shots or as your taste.